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Low cost and easy to manage

BITRIDE BIKE SHARING aims at developing a new generation of sustainable, hybrid-bike sharing programs, which are keystone for making available zero emission personal transport worldwide.

Ride easier. Smoother.

You can save up to 40% of your energy compared to a normal bike. Our smart technology optimizes the way you ride always keeping some energy into the battery, your personal energy bank.

Always charged. For real.

We have made the first «non plug in» pedal assisted electric bike. Forget about chasing empty batteries. Any cyclist can keep the battery charged and make his ride smoother at the same time.

Change the way you ride

Free floating bike sharing without problems


The Bitrider

A Bitride original series!

A plug-and-play solution for communities

No recharge needed

No recharge needed

Forget about the headache to monitor the battery charge in the whole fleet.                 Your bikes are clever enough to do the job for you!

Bikes relocated by users

Bikes relocated by users

Thanks to bitride gaming-like interactions among the community users, bicycle redistribution is a sustainable action driven by bitride cyclists themselves.

No more racks

No more racks

You do not need to place racks into your environment. This means huge savings in the up-front investment together with a fully modular fleet of bikes.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Onboard crash detection and theft alerts based on Vodafone Automotive technology, together with customer service assistance: a perfect integration of digital and human customer service.

No more bikes lost

No more bikes lost

Vodafone unique localisation technology always find your bikes with the least energy and with the highest precision available on the market today.

Easy payment

Easy payment

Easy registration form , a minimum registration fee (€ 2,00) and you can use for free our new bike sharing service!!!Just take a bitride bike and go!

Ride your town revolution

Perfect for every community

Bitride is a flexible and low investment solution to create public or private fleets of hybrid bikes. Furthermore, thanks to its open design, bitride can integrate different services to suite different community needs. No matter if you are a institution or a municipality, users pick any bike they like, if available, with the rules set by you.

Suitable for any town size

Every city has different needs – and different budgets. With free floating bike sharing, the up front cost for the infrastructure is minimized. Thus, every town can have its hybrid bike sharing – no matter the size. This will increase bike user in the city, reducing traffic, pollution, and maintenance costs for the municipality. We can help in choose the correct size of your fleet to maximize the benefit given to the community.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 756656


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