Hybrid bike sharing

Bitride is enabled by Zehus technology

With a Zehus powered bike, you have the first e-bike that does not need to be recharged. Helping when you need it and recharging the battery where your body can deliver it, BIKE+ technology seamlessly optimize your efficiency while riding, decreasing your effort by 30-40% (in an urban trip). It is the first non-plugin parallel hybrid bike.


Bitride is the first hybrid free floating bike sharing


Our bikes are strong, safe and low-maintenance


  • Zehus BIKE+ all in one for bike sharing
  • Fully integrated powertrain system


  • Automotive standard tracker
  • Ring lock


  • Flat-free tire technology
  • Shimano C6000 roller brakes

It’s electric
but you don’t need to charge it

Still save up to 40% of fatigue when compared to a normal bike. How? It converts braking and downhill into energy. It recharges when you are running at high efficiency conditions (high cadence and low power). It gives you back a boost when your body needs it (uphill, start/stop etc.).

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