The Project


Our solution to pain points: the basic idea is to apply in new bike sharing initiatives our award-winning BIKE All In One, the first worldwide powertrain for full hybrid bikes that never needs to be recharged from the grid.

We gave to our creation a bridge to the cloud, through a seamless Smartphone interface (Bitride App) that uses Bluetooth connectivity.

Phase n°



Phase 1

Final development, testing and certification of BIKE+ box

In order to complete the development of the BIKE+ sharing kit, we will develop the mechanical part, the electronics and the algorithm of the All In One BIKE+ package. Finally, we will proceed with the launch of the massive production.

Phase 2

Development of the BITRIDE APP

The objective is to refine the BITRIDE App and create a community platform for commuters

Phase 3

BITRIDE BIKE sharing complete system

The objectives of the first part of this phase is to complete the BITRIDE BIKE sharing system by refining the design of the service model for bike sharing,  completing the architecture of the back-end and developing the WEB based front-end for both bike sharing providers. In the second part we will execute the pilot project by refining the design of the pilot project according to pilot conditions and authorizations, producing the fleet necessary for the pilot implementation, running and monitoring the pilot implementation, refining the technology and the APP according to the results obtained during the pilot phase.

Phase 4

Dissemination, exploitation and communication

The main objectives of this phase are the dissemination and communication to the relevant audiences and the customer acquisition strategy development, aimed at engaging customers.

Phase 5

Project Management and Coordination

The phase 5 planned activities are mainly devoted to review and assess the technical excellence of all work carried out as well as to ensure that the deadlines defined are accomplished, while optimising internal resources within the project and monitor timings and excellence of all subcontracted tasks, as well as coordinate their work with them;

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